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Finding the right speaker is an enormous responsibility for event planners and conference and retreat coordinators. Jane has been speaking for more than a decade, delivering timely messages sparkling with laughter and immediately reaching her audiences' hearts.

Whether a crowd of a thousand or a hundred, the audience departs from an event having found companionship, empathy, challenge, and encouragement to grow in their relationship with themselves, others, and with God. A common sentiment from attendees is, “This changed my life!”

"Conventions and conferences are among my favorite venues for speaking,” says Jane. “They allow us time to break down walls with laughter and community, provide people a chance to listen to their hearts and experience true companionship and compassion (and tears, usually!), and head home in touch with their longing and with an experience of God's presence and power, and the tools to live there. It is my greatest joy to see people who haven't felt their own hearts in years—let alone God's heart, loving them ferociously—begin to be freed to love again."

As a conferee put it, “God saved my life today.”

Jane speaks at a spiritual depth that reaches the most mature believer, while also inviting seekers and those new to the faith into growth. She crosses all social/economic and age barriers with her humor and vulnerability, drawing everyone in the audience toward the One who asked, “Do you want to get well?” Teenagers rave about their time with Jane, and senior citizens as well.

In a conference or retreat setting, there is time to develop a theme, go deeply throughout the time together, and also time for Jane to get to mix with the conferees. During community times, you will find her in the thick of the group, laughing with someone, praying with another, listening intently, wiping a tear.

Jane's messages always contain application rather than just theory; she provides outlines and questions for reflection and small group discussion, thus assuring that members of the audience connect with one another and with their own hearts.

References are available on request.

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